First Classes!!! We connect Vreni Spieser with Yoo Sung Jun and Noriaki Okamoto. Vreni want to learn how to create and edit videos. Sun Jun and Noriaki want to share knowledge about creating and editing video. We contacted them to create schedule for video classes, the schedule of class fits their agreement. So.. The video classes on the May 24th, 2016 at 3pm. They are meet together.

First time, we started to introduce themselves and about their daily activities. Vreni tells us that he comes from a small country in Europe and he was a painter. He was interested in making the video because sometimes it is important to document and making short films. Sung Jun is a video artist from Korea, he was doing residency at Koganecho for one year. He was making an art project in Koganecho. He was a little busy but he was interested in this class and take the time to share.

And then, Noriaki told me he came from Ikebukuro. So far from Koganecho, two hour trip. But it is okay for him, because he had some friends who live in Koganecho. Noriaki a musician with a kind of instrumental electro music. He studied video is not academically. Starting from his penchant for making animations like manga, she tried to make the characters moving images. From the experiments that, he tried to make a video. He made some video works, sometimes it makes the audio / music itself.

Afterwards, Sung Jun told me about his experience, when he first learned how to make a video at school. Teachers taught using techniques 5cut in a video. Then he gave us a paper the contains directives create a video that he had learned it. This is really surprising, because we do not think Sung Jun so prepare all and we felt helped by that, especially Vreni. We agreed to try this technique together.

In this class, Vreni want to make a movie, then Vreni position as a director. Vreni developed ideas to make a short movie. Sung Jun and Noriaki help prepare the need to make a movie. After several minutes of waiting, Vreni find ideas and presented to us. She making storyboard. Then try to make it happen. Incidentally Noriaki bring a camera, so he helped take moving pictures. In the film, Vreni need an actress, then Meita appointed to be the main actress, later Sung Jun and Angga as supporting actor.

After filming was completed. Then the video editing stages, Sung Jun teach how to edit video. We edit the movie together. Noriaki contributed music as the movie background. The fil title of "Zoo". The movie is completed within 2 hours. Video class finish.

We are very happy! This was our first collaboration experience. We became a good team! and we'll show the movie in a final presentation on May 28, 2016.

We waited more surprises in the next classes...