Venue: Koganencho Art Management
Time: May 2016



During one month, in May 2016. Serrum have opportunity for residency in Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan. Serrum delegations is Angga Wijaya (curator) and Meita Meilita (artist and teacher) will develop "EkstrakurikuLab: Pasar Ilmu" Laboratory. Serrum making studio in koganecho as classrooms. The classroom, which will become the meeting point for the resident around Koganecho for sharing knowledge and experience.

Serrum try to create learning interaction made based on people’s wish and need. We will do some interviews to people living around Koganecho having various occupation background.
Questions that we will ask are:
1. “According to you, what subject do you need to study?
2. If you’re given one chance to share your knowledge/expertise, what will you share?

Serrum will ask those two variables to people who join the project. Based on the variables, we will do the mapping. Later, we make a learning system formed by the desire or the needs, so it will automatically connect the supply and the demand, according to each person’s needs of knowledge. We will invite the supply and demand (as the result of mapping from the interview) in the classroom and practice “pasar ilmu” (knowlegde market). Like a market, we do use the supply and demand principle in establishing this testing system.