Ekstrakurikulab : Kurikulab & Pasar Ilmu at Den Frie Copenhagen

We invite 6 collective that runs for years to talk about how their collective/organisation runs, structure, manage their members, and questening what benefit for each individual member. Serrum comes with restatement "Collective is a School". ruangrupa, Forum Lenteng, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Life Patch, Helios, and FUKK. Each collective tell story about how and why their collective establish, what their goal, how they regeneration, what they learn, how their structure, how they survive, how they evaluate, and how their collective support each member individually. Serrum collaboration with FUKK, a artist collective in Copenhagen and took their place for discussion and video recording on April 23, 2016.

The discussion were recorded from above the table, and exhibite as video instalation at Den Frie "Supersub" on April 30 - June 5,  2016.

This project are serrum second step from the previous project in Jakarta 2014. There are 3 disscussion: "what for teachers is", "what for shool is", and "what for education is".

Pasar Ilmu
Its mural interactive project with audience in Copenhagen. Asking "what subject that you can teach to others" and "what subject that you want to learn". People can free to write down on our yellow wall. We were tried to breakdown  the potential basic of collectivism in artsy audience in Copenhagen Denmark.