Serrum as an art collective based in Jakarta was founded in 2006 by several students majoring in fine arts at one of the public campuses in Jakarta. The word serrum comes from the word space and serrum which means "common space".

Its members consist of artists, designers, street artists, teachers, and curators with a background in Fine Arts education at the State University of Jakarta. Currently, the Serrum organization has more 22 members. 

Serrum focuses on socio-political issues, urban backgrounds and education in accordance with the education of the alma mater teacher at the Department of Fine Arts, State University of Jakarta. Through art projects, exhibitions, workshops, discussions and propaganda campaigns. Serum participated in several exhibitions such as in Jakarta, Bandung, Jatiwangi, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Korea and Poland. Serrum generates various trends such as video works, murals, graphics, comics, installations, and educational media.

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Serrum Arthandling

Serrum as a collective always works and deals with the medium of art works. In addition to using art as a medium for work, the passage of time has given Serrum an awareness to want to be involved not only as a collective of artists who produce their own works. The expertise in knowing and understanding this medium is used to assist in exhibition activities in Jakarta. In 2013, Serrum legalized itself as a business unit, to support itself and the people in it. PT Serrum is engaged in the management of artistic services, whose main business is Arthandling. On several occasions Serrum has also been involved in several exhibition events on a national and international scale.

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In 2018 together with ruangrupa and Graphic Huru Hara we developed a school with a focus on collective studies and contemporary art
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In the era of the pandemic together with Sanggar Anak Akar and Erudio developed a project-based contextual learning method in 101 schools in Indonesia
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