Drawing Teacher's Memory

This Artwork has been presented at New Icon : Pop In Asia, Salihara Gallery Jakarta 2014

The teacher is a figure that should be intimately replace the role of parents in school although in only a few hours and several days. The sense is, Master can position itself with extra attention to the students like his own son. Moreover, the students who really need the attention. This attention can be given in any form and in any way, outside of school teaching materials in the course. Some attention is the one that will always be remembered by pupils against teachers.

Serrum back asked some people to ask about a person’s memories of the teacher. These memories into a story that will be illustrated into a mannequin on a figure of teachers who will be retold. A testimony recalled the figure of elected teachers, which even up to now, the attention that had been given still stored neatly in memory and return retold as a person’s life experience.