Kurikulab : Moving Class

Kurikulab : Moving Class

Saturday, October 30, 2021 — Sunday, February 27, 2022 10:00 — 19:00

Photos courtesy : YCAM

Press Release
The Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge for various aspects of our lives today. We need to adapt to many things, such as in the world of education. Classrooms in schools are moving from physical to virtual and learning tools are becoming online-based. Likewise the art world, exhibitions are held in virtual spaces and discussions are held online. Collective and collaborative art practices that need to interact with many people also need to adapt, what is the formula for carrying out these practices in the midst of the current pandemic and even in the future when psychology and human behavior have undergone changes due to the pandemic?
Serrum's work is basically based on research on education, although sometimes Serrum does not raise the issue of education, but Serrum always uses an educative method, by exploring, producing and distributing knowledge which in the process requires interaction, participation and collaboration with many people from various elements and backgrounds. . Through this process, the collective presence of Serrum is enough to affect the sustainability of the project or work. When the Covid-19 pandemic made this practice very limited and even difficult to do.

The educational method in Serrum's practice has technical guidelines that can be formulated in the form of modules to be used independently and can be used together. The module functions as an open reference, so it can be adapted to various contexts and developed according to relevance. As in the Science Market work where equality in the exchange of knowledge is a universal notion, the practice can be found similar in various regional and cultural contexts. Likewise, the Ideal School, which tries to accommodate students' imaginations about the ideal school for the students themselves. Imagination and students as subjects are important points in formal learning in schools.

At this Curriculum Moving Class exhibition, the module has been the most effective way so far to answer the challenges of Serrum's practice in the midst of a pandemic. Modules can be run by anyone, can be adapted to local contexts, and can be continuously shared, adapted and distributed. In a pandemic situation for almost two years, the knowledge market has also been conducted online using a virtual meeting platform. The pandemic can be a moment for us to interpret today's media, such as how to form an equivalent digital transformation.

The Moving Class Curriculum is a mobile learning space that can be done independently or collectively and can be mobilized as needed. Learning space in the sense of an inclusive knowledge meeting point. Moving in the sense of an active and progressive space. The class is imagined not only attached to the instruments that are present in the room and learning tools provided, the class can move more progressively to potential and sustainable knowledge meeting rooms.