Sejarah Idaman

Sejarah Idaman

This work has been exhibited at the Desas Desus Proklamasi (Proclamation Rumors exhibition), Proclamation Manuscript Museum, Curated Rifandi Nugroho and Bangkit Mandela


Moch Hasrul

Wacil Wahyudi

Berkolaborasi dengan M. Zulkarnain & M. Nico Abdullah Nasir


Photos courtesy Amalia Fadilla & Opang Darmawan

In 2015, at the Biennale Jogja, Serrum exhibited the work of Pasar Ilmu (Knowledge Market). The Knowledge Market was initially an experimental module designed by Serrum, emphasizing learning interactions based on the principles of supply and demand. Experiments were carried out by conducting interviews with people from various professional backgrounds.
"What do you need to learn?"

"If you were given the opportunity to share your knowledge/expertise, what would you share?"

These two questions become the trigger which is then mapped and translated into a curriculum. This supply and demand-based curriculum can be a more effective way to connect people's interest in knowledge exchange.

In its development, the Knowledge Market is more fluid and uses space and time to encourage exchanging knowledge between two or more people. By inviting two people together at random, the negotiation process becomes more open and direct. The knowledge market is exhibited in several exhibitions, one of which is the 2017 Asian Art Biennale.

  • FGD with Diponegoro High School students, historians and history teachers
  • FGD Review module with AGSI (Association of Indonesian History Teachers)